Frequently asked questions about Douglas Wedding Photography

What is documentary wedding photography?
Documentary style wedding photography is all about observation, telling the story of your day with the least amount of intrusion possible. I will of course step out of the shadows for organised shots these will usually include groups, confetti runs and bride and groom portraits. I’m also always approachable, if you want a photograph with a particular guest or family members want photos with partners etc just ask.
Can we meet you?
Absolutely, let’s have coffee! I always encourage couples to meet before they book, we can get to know each other and chat through your day. If distance is a problem we can always use Facetime or Skype. There’s no limit on meetings either, I’m always available to chat through your big day.
How do we book?
I’ll need you to complete my contract and pay a non-refundable deposit of £100. The deposit is deducted from your final invoice which is due 14 days before your wedding. Once you’ve made an enquiry I’ll provisionally hold your date until the deposit has been paid and give you first refusal if I receive another enquiry for your date.
Will you travel to our wedding?
Yes. Although based on the Essex/Suffolk border I’m happy to  shoot weddings all over the UK. For weddings over 3 hours in travel time I may need to make an additional charge for travel and accommodation depending on location. I will always provide a quote for any additional expenses before you book.
What about group shots?
Although I’m a documentary style wedding photographer I appreciate you’ll want some group photos, when else do you have your whole family together? I would suggest limiting this to around six, and allow 20 minutes for to take them. An usher or bridesmaid to organise people is always a big help as is a list of who you want included.
Do you require food?
No is the short answer! I appreciate how expensive weddings can be and will bring my own food and drink. Some couples are generous enough to provide food which is always gratefully received but in no way expected. A coffee is always very welcome. I do take a break while you eat, nobody looks good in a photograph with their mouth full of food! I wrote a more in-depth article which you can read here.
Are you insured?
Yes, absolutely. I have full professional indemnity and public liability cover.
What happens if you can't to attend our wedding?
I’ve never been so unwell as not to be able to attend a wedding. It would have to be something very serious to prevent me from photographing your wedding. In the very unlikely event that I couldn’t attend  I belong to a  network of photographers who I can call upon to cover your day.
What will the balance of black and white to colour images be?
After your wedding you’ll receive a mixture of colour and black and white images. The balance varies from wedding to wedding depending on light and colours. I will know which photographs lend themselves to a black and white treatment and will convert them accordingly. Of course all photographs start in colour, if and I’ll always supply the colour version of a photograph if you prefer. Personally I feel black and white offers a timeless aesthetic, adding atmosphere and removing distracting elements. I wrote a blog post explaining my approach to black and white images, read it here.
How many photos do we receive?
This depends on the wedding, you can usually expect a minimum of 250 images. For a full wedding, from getting ready to the party it will be approximately 400. Other factors can play a part, some churches don’t allow photography during the ceremony for instance. Your images are supplied in high resolution for printing and low resolution for sharing on social media. The images are fully processed with a licence for personal use. I supply your images on a memory stick and an online gallery. The gallery enables you to order professional prints, share and download.
Do you have an assistant or second shooter?
As a documentary wedding photographer I work alone, my objective is to blend in, and for a lot of the time will just appear as another guest with a camera. The days of the photographer running the wedding are hopefully gone, guests should be enjoying your day not being pestered by multiple photographers. I also don’t carry much equipment, so don’t need anyone to carry lots of bags around for me. I can keep mobile and ensure I’m in the right place at the right time.