Hare and Make-up

The best weddings are full of fun and humour, and, as a documentary style wedding photographer I like nothing better than to include humour in my photos. Hence the title for this photo, Hare and Make-up.

There’s always one

The reason I stay past the first dance! Everyone is relaxed, the formal part of the day is over, guests along with the bride and groom can let their hair down and have fun. For a wedding photographer this can be a visual goldmine, the characters really make themselves...

Colour or black and white wedding photographs

First of all it isn't one or the other. If I've converted an image to black and white and you would prefer the colour version that is absolutely not a problem, I'll send you the colour version as well. All my wedding photography is captured in colour,...

Don’t feed the wedding photographer

Joking aside, couples are very generous and often want to include the wedding photographer in their sit down meal. Although it may sound ungrateful my preference is not to eat with your wedding guests, let me explain why: You’ll have paid a lot for your reception and...

I’m not your average wedding photographer!

I was standing in a beautiful little churchyard a couple of weeks ago, having found a lovely spot for a bride and groom portrait. While the bride and groom positioned themselves a guest came up and took a picture of them and then said to me: