“How do we organise a confetti run?”

A question I’m often asked, usually a few minutes before people want to throw confetti. This is, one of the rare occasions, that as a documentary wedding photographer I’ll get involved in organising a shot.

Guest invariably want to throw confetti and will often bring it with them. Rather than them randomly throwing it, it’s much better, for maximum impact to organise them.

My preferred approach is for the your guests to form a tunnel for you to walk through. I can then walk backwards ahead of you capturing the confetti as you walk between your guests. It helps for the tunnel to be as narrow as possible allowing the confetti to reach you rather than blowing away.

Of course you do have to be conscious of the environment and your venues rules. Biodegradable or natural confetti such as petals are always the best option. Often churches require confetti to be thrown outside its grounds. If you are planning a confetti run do check with your venue.

For the best results and least environmental impact supply your own natural confetti.

The moments after you’ve been covered in confetti often make great photos too! You can usually rely on one guest to try and put confetti down the back of a shirt or dress!