Colour or black and white wedding photographs

Mar 12, 2018 | Blog, Wedding Photography

First of all it isn’t one or the other. If I’ve converted an image to black and white and you would prefer the colour version that is absolutely not a problem, I’ll send you the colour version as well.

All my wedding photography is captured in colour, during the processing of your images I make a creative decision on whether your photograph is better suited to a colour or black and white treatment.

Sometimes a photograph just screams at me to be black and white, it can convey mood and drama. Colour can just be a distraction, what better way to make a brides white dress stand out than to put it against a black background. Black and white can also be used when colour presents a problem. A classic example is a church in winter with radiant heaters, they create a red/orange cast over everyone and everything so rather than the bride and groom have orange faces a black and white image is more effective.

You’ll notice a lot of the images on my website are black and white, personally I love the classic feel of rich blacks and brilliant whites. Typically, around 25% of the images you receive will be in black and white, but as I said at the start they’re always available in colour too.