Don't feed the wedding photographerJoking aside, couples are very generous and often want to include the wedding photographer in their sit down meal. Although it may sound ungrateful my preference is not to eat with your wedding guests, let me explain why:

You’ll have paid a lot for your reception and wedding photographer, an extra mouth to feed is only going to add to your bill.

I don’t take photographs of you or your guests during the meal, nobody looks attractive with a mouth full of food!

It gives me a chance to record a few shots of the food, it’s nice to have a memento of that first meal as husband and wife.

This time is very useful for me to check camera settings, batteries and memory cards. I’ll also be preparing my equipment for the speeches, cake cutting and first dance depending on the format of your day.

So, all I ask is if I am covering your whole day you arrange with your venue to provide me a snack, a sandwich is ideal. And if that’s not possible, don’t worry, I’ll bring my own.